Introduction of Evren OS

What is Evren OS?

Evren is the enterprise desktop operating system designed for the cloud environment that streamlines IT and enhances security potential. The easiest way to understand the Cloud OS is to consider it like any other operating system. Like so many others, this operating system manages hardware and apps. The difference is that the Cloud OS performs those management functions within the cloud environment at a scale that was virtually inconceivable just a few short years ago. This system allows organizations to utilize multiple cloud types simultaneously in one unified cloud environment. 

So, Evren OS would be ideal, for example, for a company interested in using a hybrid cloud and a public cloud yet still retaining some data in-house. Our Evren OS allows businesses to manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure, including networking, computing, and storage. But with a closer look at all the advantages of this powerful operating system, you can truly understand how the Cloud OS can significantly benefit your business.

Why Evren OS?

Our stellar benefits: 

Autonomous operating system

Manages IT & Security for your distributed fleet of computers.

Essential Security Included

Hard disk encryption, application sandboxing, password policy, log management, and other security features built-in.

Central Management

Centrally manage all aspects of user, device, browser, and application policies with a browser-based point-and-click interface.

Apps for your business needs

Choose from 100s of apps ranging from communication, development, and productivity, spanning all work sectors.

Simple Application Management

Easily manage application distribution to your devices.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Evren helps lower the total cost of IT by up to 80%.

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