Built In Application Management

⚠️  Use this feature cautiously and only allow applications you trust and have tested. Evren takes no responsibility for any issues caused by a third-party application.

This feature on the Admin Manager Portal allows you to set or modify the applications that will be allowed to be installed on the devices managed by your organization.

Follow the steps below to manage applications on your devices:

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to Applications on the left menu (as shown in the screenshot). Click Applications and choose Standard.

3. You can search for the apps you want in the search bar and read the description to find out more about the apps.

  1. Filter options such as installation status and application category are also available.
Category drop down menu
Status drop down menu

5. You may select the required applications on your devices by checking the Force Install or Allow Install box next to each application. Please note that any application (Force Install or Allow Install) removed from the configuration will be automatically uninstalled from the devices.

Force Install: The application will be installed automatically, and the system will ensure that the application is permanently installed.

Allow Install: The application will be available for installation on the endpoint machines via the App Store.

6. The changes made shall take a few minutes to be reflected on all devices registered under your organization.

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