Evren OS Updates Policy

EvrenOS release follows the standard git branching process.
We take the source RPM codes from Fedora RPM repositories, then further version them on our private Github so that we have time to QA test them before releasing them as updates. We have a fortnightly release cycle.
However, we push critical updates from Fedora ( https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/) as per the following timeline.

Critical impact Updates: Within 48 hours of the release.

Important impact Updates: Within four (4) days of the release.
Moderate impact Updates: Within seven (7) days of the release.
Low impact Updates: Within fourteen (14) days of the release.

The updates and patches are downloaded on the user's machine while working. Once the updates have been successfully downloaded, the users are prompted to reboot the machine. Updates and patches are installed on reboot if not disabled by the organization's IT admin.

The IT admins can also set the download time and the updates (e.g., every night at 2 AM or during lunchtime, etc). An Average update will take 15 minutes (depending on the hardware).

CVE-2023-2124 kernel: OOB access in the Linux kernel's XFS subsystem (Important impact) was fixed in the Linux Kernel 6.2.15  and above.

$ uname -r


We ensure the updates are provided to customers as soon as they are available and tested. If you ensure the machines are rebooted regularly, they will have the latest patches and updates.
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