Active Directory Integration

⚠️  These are advanced settings, and you should not change them unless you specifically know what you are doing.

Follow the steps below to set or modify the Active Directory integration configurations between the Evren device and your organization's existing AD server.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to Authentication and click on Active Directory on the left menu.

3. Please insert the respective information in the Active Directory section.

  • Administrator username - The username of an administrator responsible for enrolling devices in the Active Directory domain.
  • Administrator password - The password associated with the Administrator username
  • Domain Name - A unique identifier assigned to an Active Directory domain (This should be in all lowercase).


4. You may enable the Active Directory auto-detection if you have not configured the DNS and kindly insert the required details.

  • Active Directory IP Address - The server's IP address running the Active Directory service.
  • Active Directory Controller - The DNS name or the IP address of the domain controller.

5. If the existing client & server are running on an old/weak encryption type, please toggle the Enable weak ciphers button.

6. If you wish to log in using the Fully Qualified Domain Name, you must switch it on by clicking on the toggle button.

7. Press the Confirm button to keep the changes made.

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