Google LDAP Integration

The Google LDAP service provides a simple and secure way to connect your LDAP-based applications and services to Cloud Identity or Google Workspace. Using Google LDAP, you can connect to your organization's existing Cloud Directory, which acts as a cloud-based LDAP server for authentication, authorization, and directory lookups.

Follow the steps below to set the configurations for the LDAP integration between the Evren device and your organization's existing Google LDAP server.

1. Browse to Evren Manager Portal.

2. Navigate to Authentication and click on Google LDAP on the left menu.

3. Please insert your Google LDAP domain name and upload the required files.

  • Domain Name - Please insert the organization's Google LDAP Domain Name (example-
  • TLS Certificate - Digital certificates, also known as identity certificates or public key certificates,  are digital files used to certify a public key's ownership. You may upload the TLS certificate here.
  • TLS Key - TLS certificate consists of a key pair of public and private keys. Please add the TLS keys for the TSL/SSL Handshake process.

4. Once you have inserted the domain name and uploaded the TLS Certificate and key, please press the Confirm button.

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