How to restore Evren system to the previous state/restoration point

This article guides us on restoring your Evren OS system to the previous state/restoration point.

Evren OS automatically creates a Restore Point before any system update is applied. This allows users to restore their system to its state before the update happens. Below are the steps for restoration.

1. Please reboot your machine and press F8 at the boot to get the GRUB prompt. You will be able to see a new Evren system restore point menu.

2. Please select the desired date and time of the restoration point.

3. Next, select the kernel and hit enter (at this stage, it will boot into restore mode, restore it, and reboot into the fixed system automatically).

4. Please note once a Restore Point is restored, it disappears from the list of Restore Points. Since Restore Points are created before any upgrade, you will always have a restore point when you need one.

⚠️  If you are unable to search/obtain the Evren system restore point, please feel free to reach out to our Technical Support Engineer by sending us an email to

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