How to sign in to Egnyte with a non-SSO password on Evren OS

This article guides how users can sign in to Egnyte on Evren OS. Please note that you will need to create a non-SSO password if your organization has enabled SSO.

How to sign in to Egnyte

1. Double click the Egnyte desktop icon and it will launch Egnyte.

2. Press on Continue to open Egnyte.

3. Please insert your respective Username and Password to access the shared file.

4. You should be able to access the shared file now.

Setting A Non-SSO Password

If you sign in to Egnyte via an SSO provider (e.g., Okta, Azure AD, Google, etc.) and you need to log into a tool that does not support SSO login, you can set up a separate non-SSO password to log in.

Non-SSO passwords are valid for the following protocols and functions: 

  • FTP and SFTP
  • Public API
  • 21 CFR Part 11 digital signatures
⚠️ Non-SSO passwords cannot be used to log into the Egnyte Web UI, desktop, mobile, or other Egnyte applications.

Please follow the steps below to set or update your non-SSO password:

1. Log in to the Egnyte Web UI.

2. Click your profile picture or initials in the top-right of the screen and then click your name.

3. Click My Preferences.

4. Under the Security section, click the Set non-SSO password link.

5. Egnyte will email you the subject line: Set a non-SSO password for your Egnyte account.  Click the Set Password button. 

6. You'll be asked to enter a password and confirm it.

⚠️ If you're an admin, you can send a non-SSO password setup link to a user by clicking the Set non-SSO password link on the right of the user's profile in Users & Groups.
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